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Download Broadcom BCM20702A0 Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 11 10 8 7

This type of solution has its drawbacks and limitations this. Here is an article from Debian which could fit Ubuntu as well. But this kind of solution overall may face some extra drawbacks and suddenly bad operation (it’s a topic for a separate talk) and also in general it is considered as bad solution for missing driver.

  • The software should be installed on computers that have at least 50MB of RAM.
  • I tried to install Fedora 16 on my HP Pavilion tx2530ea laptop.
  • Vamien McKalin possesses the awesome power of walking on water like a boss.

You will eventually stumble on the solution. I’d also start considering changing the wireless adapter your computer has, too. A wireless adapter with built in Linux support will solve many issues directly. Another possible issue may be related to the BIOS having Secure Boot enabled.


When it was still Rivet Networks, at least they had an uninstaller utility that allowed you to disable the killer Software Suite. With Intel, though, there are only instructions on how to uninstall the software and manually delete the leftover bits, no utility. And I’m running the latest 3.0.xxxx Beta drivers and KSS, and the utility can’t even find KSS installed.

You may merely fix the BCM20702A0 driver update acer drivers windows 10. problem. Connect various Bluetooth devices at will using the different remedies listed above. After the installation is ended, restart your machine and check if the problem has been resolved. By installing the whole Broadcom Bluetooth driver package, you should be able to resolve the issue. Make a note of where your Bluetooth adapter is. It’s worth noting that it may appear as an Unknown device in some circumstances.

My EFI boot partition is the standard 210MB and I have the grub bootloader from Ubuntu/Mint, a separate grub for Manjaro, rEFInd, and of course the OS10 section. To check from OS10, type “sudo mountesp” in terminal and you can use Finder to see how much space is used and how much you have left. The config files are pretty small so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Usually use the ethernet connection but just turned it off to check and my wireless works like it should. Just had to type in the router password and it linked right up.

Only use 802.3ad DYNAMIC mode with switches capable of DYNAMIC 3ad active aggregation. Hot Plug operations with non-Intel adapters that are part of a team cause system instability. Restart the system or reload the team after doing Hot Plug operations with a team that includes a non-Intel adapter.

#4 Disable or Enable Airplane Mode

Regardless on how old the drivers are and how new the NIC is, the old drivers still work.. Look them up in Device manager and pick up Hardware ID. Safest driver is one from Asus site. I wish Intel hadn’t bought them as they were a reliable place to get Broadcomm drivers from until that point. Now I am glad I don’t see many people with them anymore.

I figure every model of hardware out there has its own hardware ID? If so, these are all showing up as Ricoh controllers of some kind on Microsoft Update Catalog. Also, check the “Windows Driver Update Catalog” web site. That’s MS’s site where they keep drivers and Windows Updates for all versions of Windows. In same RF-loaded environment, using the same hardware, macOS seems to be a lot better than Windows, primarily due to driver issues. I upgraded to the April 2018 update yesterday and then this issue showed up.

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